Research Centers

The Russell Berrie Electron Microscopy Center of Soft Matter   

The Electron Microscopy Center of Soft Matter holds advanced instruments optimized for cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) analysis of all nanostructured and mesostructured liquids. Equipment includes: an FEI T12 G2 TEM, a Philips CM120 TEM, state-of-the-art Zeiss Ultra Plus High-Resolution cryo-SEM, and cutting-edge supporting specimen preparation tools. This combination of microscopes and accessories enable to access structures at multiple length scales, at a resolution of ~ 1 nm, of low to high viscosity, of aqueous and non-aqueous suspensions. Academic supervisors: Prof. Dganit Danino – Department of Biotechnology and Food Engineering, and Prof. Yeshayahu Talmon – Faculty of Chemical Engineering.
The center operates as a core facility of the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute (RBNI) that provides educational programs teaching cryo-EM methodologies, as well as experimental and scientific support to academia and industry.

Department contact person:
Prof. Dganit Danino
Phone: +972 (0) 4 829 2143; +972 (0) 52 863 0444


   Tecnai G2 12 TEM       Philips CM120 TEM           Zeiss Ultra Plus HR cryo-SEM

 Main specimen Preparation Tools:

      Vitrobot (FEI)              CEVS  BAF060 (BAL-TEC)          EM FC6 cryo
ultra microtome (LEICA)   

Our center is recommended by ESMI, the European Soft Matter Infrastructure project, as a (non ESMI) cryo-EM research and service provider. ESMI is a project of the European Commission that provides top-level interdisciplinary research infrastructure to a broad European soft matter research community. For more details visit or contact Prof. Danino at 

The Goldstein Packaging Laboratory

The activities in the Goldstein Packaging Laboratory comprise of two major areas:
1. Research and Development
2. Service to Industry.

1. Research and Development
The focus in recent year has been on developing and characterization of “Active Packages” as well as Package/Product Interaction.

Among the different kinds of Active Packages, Antimicrobial (AM) packaging (and primarily those containing natural AM compounds) and Oxygen Scavenging were studied most.
Packaging/Product interaction includes studies on the affects of the package on the product (shelf life, off-odors off-flavors) and on the the effect of the product on the package (properties retention).  

 2. Services to industry
a)      Consultation on all aspects of packaging, including trouble shooting.

b)      Evaluation of the suitability of packages for contact with food.
c)      Evaluation of packages for their suitability for dangerous materials and for fragile products.  
d)     Evaluation of gases (Oxygen, water vapor and other gases) permeability.
e)    Evaluation of the mechanical and physical properties evaluation of packages and packagng materials..

Contact Information
Head of the Laboratory:
Prof. Joseph Miltz
Tel. 972-48292451     Mobile. 972-523480487    Fax. 972-48293603


 Laboratory Telephones and Technical Staff
Tel: 972-4892659       Tel/Fax: 972-48292903
Ms. Nehama Passy, M.Sc. , Package engineer  
Mr. Vladimir Polyakov, M.Sc.  Researcher      
Dr. Eshetu Kebede,   Ph.D         Researcher      
Mr. Itzhak Besser,           Package technician            

The Russell Berrie Nanoparticles and Nanometric Systems Characterization Center

This center was founded in order to provide accessibility and support for variety of facilities and techniques for Nanoparticles and Nanosystems.
This center is aimed to serve the Technion users as well as other academic or industrial clients.
For more information, Please visit our website or call 077-8871936

Pilot Plant
Equipped for carrying out multitude unit operations characteristic of the food industry, such as thermal processing, microwave heating, packaging, fruit juice processing, dough processing, baking, concentration, freezing, drying (tunnel, cabinet, spray, fluidized-bed and freeze driers), pelletizing, size reduction, extraction, extrusion, granulation, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.
For more information please contact Asher at 972-4-8292453 or by e-mail