Sima Yaron

Work Telephone: 972-4-8294259
Office: 2-232

Extensive use of antimicrobials for medical reasons and in farms and households has led to the rapid development of resistance in disease-causing microorganisms. Our research efforts are aimed at two major fields: (i) to investigate mechanisms of resistance to antibacterial agents and (ii) to design and develop new antimicrobials to combat resistant pathogens. We particularly study food borne pathogens associated with highly protected states of existence. The research has made advances in each of the following points, and thus has important implications for both combating infections and for food safety. Microbial resistance: characterization of emerging multiple antibiotic resistant food borne pathogens, understanding the mechanisms of cross resistance to antibiotics, food preservatives and sanitizing agents, and development of new antimicrobial agents to combat resistant pathogens. Microbial biofilms: biofilm development on different surfaces, resistance of biofilm cells to antimicrobials, and development of new technologies for removal of bacterial biofilms. Food safety: molecular study of the behavior of food-borne pathogens in water and fresh ready to eat foods.

Molecular Biology of Pathogens.