Marcelle Machluf

Work Telephone: 972-4-8293079
Office: 4-428

The research in our laboratory combines material engineering and life sciences towards the development of nature-inspired synthetic, natural and hybrid platforms for regenerative medicine, and for treating cancer and diabetes.   Gene Therapy: Developing physical, chemical and natural non-viral vectors for cancer gene delivery such as ultrasound, polymeric nano-particles, and nano-vesicles derived from the cell membranes of naturally targeted stem cells. Drug Delivery Systems: Developing nano and micro sized particles for controlled release and targeted delivery of small drugs and therapeutic proteins for cancer therapy. Cell Bioencapsulation: Developing encapsulation systems for cell based therapy combining natural components that improve the cells’ functionality. These systems are used to protect genetically modified cells, primary cells and stem cells from the immune system thus preventing their immune rejection while allowing these cells to exert their therapeutic effect. Regenerative medicine: Tissue engineering of heart and blood vessels using natural animal-derived 3D acellular scaffolds cultivated with a variety of primary and stem cells. Developing bioreactors that provide electrical and mechanical stimuli for heart tissue maturation and long term culturing of tissue engineered organs.

Cancer Drug Delivery & Tissue Engineering.