Uri Lesmes

Associate Professor
Work Telephone: 972-77-8871868
Office: 3-318

Our lab adopts a holistic approach to food and biotechnology research and seeks to obtain comprehensive understanding and control over foods' complex compositions, structures, physical and chemical reactions alongside in-depth understanding of the consumer needs. Current research activities involve application of –omics strategies, technologies and advanced analytics in the quest to enable the rational design of foods that deliver health, well-being and pleasure, all tailored to the consumer needs. Our research activities cluster into three main thrusts: [I] Rational design of functional and value-added products and processes [II] Development of in vitro human digestion models for investigations of food's digestive fate and [III] Innovations and fundamental research of food colloids and hydrocolloids. Through our studies, we strive to understand how to rationally engineer foods and biotechnological formulations based on the understanding of their digestive fate so as to facilitate the development of tailored and personalized interventions.

Chemistry of Foods and Bioactive Ingredients.