Yoav Livney

Work Telephone: 972-4-8293033
Office: 3-325

Our lab specializes in physical chemistry of biopolymers in aqueous systems in food and biotechnology. By combining advanced instrumental techniques, modeling and simulations, we study fundamental interactions between low molecular weight compounds, water and biopolymers. We develop new technologies for recovering functional food biopolymers from renewable sources. We create nature-inspired biopolymeric delivery systems for health-promoting bioactives. Some of these systems are aimed for enrichment of food & beverages with nutraceuticals, protecting them from deterioration during processing and shelf life, masking their off-flavors and promoting their bioavailability. Other systems we develop are multifunctional targeted delivery systems for combined cancer therapy and diagnostics (theranostics) and for overcoming multi-drug resistance.

Physical chemistry of biopolymers in food & biotechnology. Nature-inspired systems for targeted nanodelivery of health-promoting bioactive compounds, including nutraceuticals (vitamins, antioxidants, omega-3 etc.) and anti-cancer drugs.