Social Mentoring

The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering offers first-year students a personal mentor to assist them on their first days at the Technion.
This student-led social initiative is the first of its kind at the Technion. Senior students from the faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering offer both singular and group meetings.
During the sessions, you will receive information about the Technion in general and the faculty in particular. The mentors will also be able to offer practical recommendations based on their own personal experience.
Some of the feedback received from students who made use of the mentorship program in previous years:

  • “My mentor was a great help in lowering the level of stress I was in at the beginning my studies. It is really great to have someone there to help and support you”
  • “A unique project, which really helped me to get to know the Technion and the way things operate here”
  • “My mentor helped me prepare for the exam period; gave me tips, focused me and gave me confidence”