Social Mentoring

The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering offers new students in their first semester   a personal tutoring service, in order to assist him in his first days at the Technion

The social initiation project is the first of its kind at the Technion. Senior students from the faculty of biotechnology and food engineering offer the initiation both individual meetings and group meetings.

During the sessions you can ask questions, receive information about the Technion in general and the faculty in particular, receive practical recommendations from their personal experience and more.

Some of the feedbacks we receive from students who enjoy personal mentoring in previous years:

  • ‘The tutor helped lower the pressure level at the beginning of my studies, it’s fun to have someone who helps you and supports you’
  • ‘A unique project, helped me to get to know the Technion and the procedures’
  • ‘The tutor helped me prepare for the test period, gave me tips, aimed me and gave me confidence’