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Doctoral Degree Studies

Doctoral Degree Studies

Studies for "Doctor of philosophy" (PhD) are intended for applicants with an MSc degree from an accredited academic institute, with proven achievements in their previous studies and areas of research which will be reviewed if the need arises.

Additional information:
Office of Graduate Studies in Biotechnology and Food Engineering:
Phone: +972-4-8293070.

Direct  Track towards PhD Degree
Master’s degree students, who excel in both their studies and research may be appointed PhD candidate status in accordance to recommendations from the faculty committee for advanced degrees.

Special Track towards the PhD
This track is designed for excelling students which have completed their BSc. The admission procedure is as described in the Technion’s Graduate School Regulations catalog (clause 32.09 and 34.02). Acceptance to this track is on the condition that the student has found an advisor and defined their area of research prior to applying.

Admission Requirements

In addition to academic achievements (BSc with a GPA of at least 90), the candidate must have demonstrated capability for conducting independent research. The Committee will review the candidate’s achievements and determine whether they will be accepted and under which conditions.



Study Requirements

  • Compliance with the Acceptance Committee’s particular conditions (if there were any).
  • A study program consisting of at least 6 academic graduate credit points (the direct track requires 23 graduate credit points and the special track requires 25 graduate credit points)
  • Submitting a research proposal and having it approved by the examining committee.
  • Giving a Seminary lecture at a date yet to be determined in the Technion’s newsletter.
  • Submitting a thesis and defending it successfully to the examining committee.
  •  Meeting language requirements in accordance with the Technion’s Graduate School Regulations.