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Academic Procedures

Academic Procedures

Academic Program and course enrollment

Course enrollment is done at the beginning of each semester.  An announcement regarding the opening of enrolment will be sent at the beginning of each semester. To enroll, you are asked to fill out the grad student enrollment form, have your advisor sign it and only then, submit it to the grad student coordinator in your faculty. You will not be able to submit the form without the signature of the advisor.

Choosing a research topic

Research topic, in most cases, is given by the advisor.  A student can propose a research topic but is required to find an advisor (senior researcher) to guide on the subject. The topic will not be approved without an advisor. link to Instructions for writing thesis proposals for approval by the Department’s board.

MSc scholarship students are required to submit a research proposal by the end of their second semester of the graduate studies. (See item 27.04 of the grad school policies).

Research Ethics Course

All graduate students who are studying towards a research track, as well as students who will pursue a direct PhD track, are required to study the Research Ethics course.  It is required to successfully pass the final exam in order to submit a research topic or research abstract. Students are advised to enroll in the course during the first semester of their studies.  Failing the course will result in not being eligible to submit the research topic/abstract.

Faculty Seminars

In order to encourage students at the beginning of their studies to expand and deepen their knowledge of subjects related to their fields of interest, students are required to actively participate (be present) in the faculty seminars. Grad students who receive faculty funding must attend all seminars. Faculty seminars are held on Wednesday’s at 2:00 pm, room 300.


All graduate students must submit a thesis.
More information about the guidelines for writing a thesis can be found at the graduate school website:
Every MSc/PhD student is required in his last academic year to give a lecture seminar on his research. The lecture should be at least two weeks but no more than a year before submitting the thesis.

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