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iGEM Project

iGEM Project

iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) is an independent nonprofit organization working for education and competition promoting Synthetic Biology and open community development and collaborations in the field. Since 2004, iGEM has been organizing an annual international competition in synthetic biology with more than 350 groups from all over the world participating. Contestants range from high school pupils to graduate students and have diverse scientific backgrounds.

The competition challenges students to work together in an effort to solve global problems through genetically engineered biological systems. Students plan, build, and test their projects over the spring and summer, and present them in the competition that takes place each fall. Participating in iGEM empowers students by requiring them to run the project independently, support their research team members, and raise research funding. As part of the project, students deal with all safety, security, and environmental issues pertaining to their research.


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