1st prize at the European Union FOODIO competition for Food Innovation

1st prize at the European Union FOODIO competition for Food Innovation.
After a year’s work the students conceived, developed and produced the Crisp’n Go, a yoghurt-like milk product with an addition of crackers of za’atar / curry flavors, the group won the first prize in the European Union FOODIO competition for Food Innovation.

The winning team won a € 25,000 prize and a cooperation agreement with Valio, which will produce and market the winning product throughout Finland!
The project involved four groups, including 10 participants from Spain, Finland, Germany and Israel, who were asked to develop and present a new dairy product based on the use of side streams of waste from the food industry, including citrus fibers, apples and olives, with emphasis on creating a sustainable product, Delicious and innovative.

The project was accompanied and supported by Valio, Finland’s leading dairy producer and H&F, which supplied citrus fibers. In this framework, the students were given the opportunity to take part in workshops on innovation, product development, packaging design, building a business / marketing / financial plan, and in fact were exposed to all phases of product development up to the production and marketing stage.

Group members: from Germany– Sandra Ebert, Ismael Santos, Seyma Kaplan, Michaela Niess, Katrin Hartlieb; from Spain: Nerea Muñoz-Almagro, Cristina Desalazar Ajamil, Irene Vazquezc and from Israel: Yael Shilo and Eden Shlush, from the faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering, Technion