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Dean’s Message

Dean’s Message

Since foundation, in 1954, the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering strives to be the central institute contributing to the design of food and biotechnology industries in Israel. This is achieved by professional training, which combines the scientific and engineering requirements of these industries, as well as performing groundbreaking state of the art research.

Throughout the years, the faculty has successfully accomplished all these goals. It has trained thousands of graduates who were and currently are, holding senior key positions, and significantly contributing to the development and prosperity of food and biotechnology industries.

The recent worldwide development of these industries affects both the activities of technological research universities such as the Technion, as well as of the industries themselves. In order to keep up with this fast development and to successfully meet new challenges, the faculty has set itself a vision to strengthen its status as the field leader in Israel and amongst the best institutes in the world, in both fundamental and applied science and research. This, in addition to training excellent engineers and researchers that will lead the biotech and food industries.

The faculty offers a unique curriculum, which combines engineering and technological domains with aspects of natural and life sciences, mainly biotechnology. The curriculum provides engineers with a broad and fundamental knowledge in chemistry, biology, physics, engineering and environmental sciences, thus training the graduates for the dynamic food industry, which experiences numerous changes due to the high involvement of large international corporations, as well as for the high-tech biotechnology industry. This promises the faculty graduates a wide range of job opportunities.

Each year, out of hundreds of candidates, only about 100 are accepted. These students enjoy a vibrant academic environment, spacious teaching classes, and laboratories equipped with the best modern facilities.

So far, approximately 1,700 students have graduated from our faculty. They are holding various positions in the biotechnology, food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries, as well as in governmental and standards institutions.

The research activities open new horizons for the students and enable them to integrate into promising research fields and to work with sophisticated equipment, among the advanced in the scientific world.

Between the various undergoing studies in the faculty, one may find: Controlled release systems used in cancer and cellular therapy, molecular microbiology, gene regulation in bacteria, drug development and drug delivery systems, development of antibacterial substances, food microbiology, design of bio-inspired materials for medical applications, material engineering for ‘smart’ food packaging, food engineering, synthetic biology, molecular nutrition and many more.

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