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Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Name Email Room
Abo hazera-Cohen, Yarden 3-325
Shoshanit, Ohad 2-233
Oieni, Jacopo 4-428
Ofek, Tal 2-232
Arshavski, Sofia 4-422
Ashkar. Areen 3-327
Bergman-Cohen, Almog 4-412
Gihaz, Shalev 4-412
Gelley, Sivan 4-412
Jammal, Joanna 4-410
Datri, Domenico 4-428
David, Tatyana 3-320
David, Shlomit 3-320
Davidov, Tzila 4-428
Davidsko, Ilil 4-412
Deri, Batel 4-412
Haas, Roni 2-233
Hershkovich, Ayelet Sara 4-410
Vaknin, Inbal 3-328
Vishnia, Kalanit 3-324
Zaharan, Sharbel 4-428
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