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Research Areas in the Faculty

Research Areas in the Faculty

Research Areas in the Faculty

The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering is one the leaders in its field in Israel.

The research areas that researchers from the Faculty deal with are diverse, multidisciplinary and at the cutting edge of global science, including:

  • Controlled release systems for use in cancer and cellular therapy
  • Molecular biology of pathogens
  • Molecular microbiology and protein engineering
  • Biotechnology of animal cells
  • Applied genomics
  • Biopolymers and nano-biotechnology
  • The study of nanostructures and self-organization of soft materials
  • Functional nanomaterials and biological sensors
  • Applied biocatalysis
  • The study of anti-bacterial peptides
  • Functional food, nutriceuticals and nanoscience in food
  • Molecular nutrition

A great deal of the technologies developed within the research framework taking place in the Faculty has been implemented today in Israeli and global industries.

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