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Some of our graduates

Some of our graduates

Idan Kuris, Plant Engineer, Lageen

At the Technion, just like in the army, “practice makes perfect.” Facing difficulties and challenges during my studies provided me with excellent tools to cope successfully in my job. Today, when I meet with colleagues and employ workers, it is easy to see who studied at the Faculty and who did not. As a reservist in the army who spent most of his time during undergraduate studies on “hills,” I received wonderful support, assistance and personal attention from the Faculty’s staff on any matter or problem I had.

Ronen Setter, Plant Engineering, Tivol

For those of you who like small things we can perceive and create effects that you can see, I recommend studying chemistry or biology.  For those of you who like small things that make amazing things that help us live, I recommend studying biology or biotechnology. For those of you like small things that do amazing things you can use, eat, drink, and apply to treat patients or create energy from waste, I suggest studying biotechnology and food engineering at the Technion.

Eyal Briller, Development Engineer, Unilever

On the one hand, I was fortunate to study a profession at the Technion, an institute producing Nobel Prize laureates, an institute exhibiting excellence and professionalism. On the other hand I was fortunate to have felt at home in this small, homelike faculty – what could be more homelike than learning about food!

Michal Heck, Consultant, Ernest & Young

I strongly recommend that anyone looking for challenging studies, wanting to integrate afterwards into biotechnology and food industries in research or business areas, and most important, wanting to enjoy all stages of undergraduate studies, to study in the Faculty. Studying in the Faculty was an interesting and challenging experience for me. The studies were diversified and provided me with a broad point of view and tools to enable integration into different areas in biotechnology and food industries. The atmosphere in the Faculty is excellent; the academic staff are thoughtful, provide assistance and are attentive to the needs of the students. When I completed my bachelor’s degree, I couldn’t believe time had passed so quickly; I was not sorry it had ended but if I had the choice I would do it all again!

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