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The Body’s Golden Gate to Iron Traffic

The Body’s Golden Gate to Iron Traffic

12 February 2018

The cover story of Blood Journal’s January 18 issue presents research Led by Dr. Marianna Truman-Rosentsvit and Assistant Professor Esther Meyron-Holtz that uncovers, for the first time, a mechanism for cellular transport and secretion of ferritin, a protein that was considered central mainly to iron storage in the human body.  The benchmark study significantly advances our understanding of the way the body handles iron, opening new horizons for research and therapeutics.

The Blood Journal study describes and explains the intracellular distribution in, and secretion of ferritin from macrophages, cells of the immune system that play a central role in the systemic iron cycle. The work involved bioinformatics tools to analyze the evolution of ferritin secretion, its three-dimensional shape and topologies that may be involved in its distribution.

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