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The Laboratory for Biomaterials

The Laboratory for Biomaterials

 Assoc. Prof. Boaz Mizrahi

controlled drug release using gold nano-particles and laser, bio-compatible adhesives as sutures replacement, curing fungal infections using bacteria, a patch for food preservation

Objectives & guiding principles of the research group

Inspired by nature, our lab develops smart and functional materials for biomedical and biotechnological applications.

Our research focuses on finding novel bio-materials and new functionalities providing great advantage over currently used materials for medicine and healthcare.

The goal is to use knowledge collected by nature for centuries, to fabricate smart bio-materials systems for many applications.

Our research involves the synthesis and characterization of smart polymers that respond to minor changes in their environment to cause a desirable action.

We also develop novel biotechnological innovations based on these materials.

Our research projects are very diverse and covers variety of fields, such as drug delivery and controlled release, tissue adhesives, stimuli responsive materials, soft matter, probiotic formulations and even food preservation.

We design Materials that adapt the surrounding environment by changing their mechanical and adhesive properties.

These responsive materials play an increasingly important part in a diverse range of biotechnological applications, such as injectable implants, drug delivery, diagnostics and tissue engineering, as well as biosensors and coatings.

We also develop new platforms for sustainable delivery of therapeutic proteins and peptides by encapsulating and delivering a natural live microbiome population to diseased organs.

A small “factory” that continuously produces and releases anti-fungal agents into the relevant site.

In the Food preservation field, we invented a novel patch that releases volatile antimicrobial oils to extend shelf life, without compromising on the convenience and safety of the products.

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