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The Laboratory for Cancer Drug Delivery & Cell Based Technologies

The Laboratory for Cancer Drug Delivery & Cell Based Technologies

Prof. Marcelle Machluf

insulin producing cells entrapped in novel ECM microcapsule for treatment of diabetes, Stem cells cultured within a natural matrix for heart repair, Nano-Ghosts (red) uptaken by cancer cells


The research in our laboratory combines engineering and biological knowledge towards the development of nature-inspired platforms for regenerative medicine, drug and gene delivery, cell-based and cell-free therapies.

Our main research fields include:

Nano-Ghosts: A naturally targeted drug and gene delivery system:

Nano-ghosts (NG) technology, developed in our lab, offers a novel targeted delivery platform, which, can traverse various physiological barriers and target multiple pathologies at different stages while selectively delivering diverse therapeutics with minimal off-target effects.

This platform is based on nano-vesicles that are produced from the cell membranes of naturally targeted MSCs, retaining the cells’ targeting capabilities and selectively delivering diverse therapeutics to attack tumor cells and inflammation.

Current research at the lab focuses on the development of NG-based delivery systems for different types of cancer, cancer metastases, and inflammation-based diseases.

Regenerative Medicine: Extracellular matrix-based platforms:

Porcine extracellular matrix (ECM) is considered an ideal biomaterial for regenerative medicine, mostly due to its natural scaffolding properties and inherent bioactivity.

We developed a unique non-destructive decellularization procedure for the isolation of ECM, which has been the basis of diverse advanced regenerative medicine platforms that were developed in our lab.

Current research at the lab focuses on the development of novel ECM-based platforms for the regeneration of the heart, pancreas, and blood vessels, as well on the development of technological means to produce them. Moreover, mechanistic research is carried to reveal the ECM effects.

Cell Micro-encapsulation for Cancer and Diabetes Therapy:

A fundamental technique, in cell-based therapy allowing continuous delivery of biologic drugs utilizing living cells that are isolated from the host tissue.

Our lab focuses on developing encapsulation systems combining natural components that improve the cells survival and functionality as well as the system stability and biocompatibility.

Current research at the lab focuses on the development of a unique ECM-based microencapsulation platform for the treatment of diabetes, entrapping diverse insulin-producing cells.

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