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The laboratory of nano-bio interfaces | Dr. Omer Yehezkeli

The laboratory of nano-bio interfaces | Dr. Omer Yehezkeli

a biohybrid system for artificial activation of nitrogenase by light irradiation

The research in our group is multidisciplinary, shifting from biochemistry and bioengineering to bioelectrochemistry and nanotechnology.

Generally, we use the unique properties of nanomaterials (electrical, optical) with enzymes to gain synergetic effect in catalysis and sensing.

Our goal is to construct novel biohybrid systems with unnatural triggers for enzyme activation.

To gain that, we use electrodes or nanomaterials which allow directed or mediated electron transfer into the enzymes active sites.

As a multi-disciplinary lab, our tools vary from electrochemical setups and glove box to electrophoresis and separation columns.

Major research direction aims to form biohybrids which activates nitrogenase by light stimuli.

Furthermore, the nitrogenase will be further coupled to electrodes for the construction of biofuel or photobioelectrochemical cells.

The work in the lab is focused on several topics:

  1. Enzymes extraction, purification and testing
  2. NPs and NRs synthesis
  3. Biohybrid assembly for variety of applications
  4. Electrode modification
  5. Enzyme based amperometric biosensors
  6. Bioelectrochemistry applications

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