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The laboratory of Single Cell Molecular Neurobiology

The laboratory of Single Cell Molecular Neurobiology

Asst. Prof. Amit Zeisel

The lab’s general interest is in the field of molecular neurobiology.

More specifically, the research will focus on molecular changes at the level of gene expression that occur as part of learning and memory processes.

The research combine molecular biology tools with animals behavior experiments. The research will be perform on the mice as animal model and will include the work with transgenic lines.
The second focus of the lab is to understand patterns of neuronal connectivity.

Neurons are wired and communicate via synapses and can generate complex networks. Very little is understood about the connectivity roles both for long and locally projecting neurons.

Moreover, the relationship between the cellular identity (as reflected by gene expression) and the network properties are even less described.

We will apply molecular tools and measurements shade more light on these topics.

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