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Why the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering?

Why the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering?

The Technion’s Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering is the only faculty in the country and one of the few in the world that combines the areas of biotechnology and food under one university roof and grants a combined degree with specialization in one of these areas. The combined degree ensures diverse employment options for the Faculty’s graduates. Graduates of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering may be found in key senior positions in food, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The Faculty currently has about 500 undergraduate students studying towards a bachelor’s degree, graduate students studying towards a master’s or doctoral degree and a special master’s degree track without a thesis. The faculty members include 14 senior faculty members, as well as adjunct lecturers who are experts from industry. In addition, there are scientists, researchers and junior faculty composed of graduate students.

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Admission Requirements
In order to register for studies at the Technion’s Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering, preparation should be made already in high school. The best preparation is studying courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, as well as developing independent study habits. Emphasis on these points will facilitate acceptance to the biotechnology and food engineering study track and the study program at the Technion.

The “sechem” may be calculated using the high school matriculation exam grade and the psychometric exam grade to determine if you meet current entrance qualifications.

Candidates interested in supplementing or improving their high school matriculation certificate by studying 5 study units of mathematics, 5 study units of physics and 5 study units of English should turn to the “Mechina” at the Technion’s Center for Pre-university Education.

Additional questions about schedules, registration procedures, etc. may be found on the Technion’s Registration and Admissions website.

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Admission Requirements


The acceptance of students to studies towards an MSc in Biotechnology and Food Engineering degree or a BSc degree depends on their previous academic achievements. Admission requirements are subject to regulations of the Graduate School and the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering, which are periodically revised. Graduates of a three-year bachelor’s degree program in science faculties will be required to first supplement undergraduate courses. The exact definition of the supplementary courses will be determined by the Admissions Committee of the Faculty and the Graduate School.

ME (without a thesis)

Every graduate having a BSc in biotechnology and food engineering with an average of at least 80 is eligible to request being accepted for study towards a master’s in engineering in biotechnology and food engineering (ME). A student having a bachelor’s degree in engineering but not in biotechnology and food engineering is eligible to submit a request to be accepted to the master’s in engineering program. Interested candidates will be referred to the Graduate Studies Committee of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering with a request for being accepted to the most suitable program. The request must include a transcript of grades of undergraduate studies and the course of graduate studies requested.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

A candidate requesting to be accepted to the program must have excellent academic achievements and the ability to carry out independent research. The Admissions Committee of the Faculty will examine the candidate’s achievements and decide on accepting him and under what conditions.

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