Studying the emulsifying and antioxidant properties of maca-based fractions and their impact on emulsion digestive fate

MSc. Graduate Seminar Hilla Shimkin (Lesmes Lab)

The vivid field of functional foods constantly seeks new opportunities to formulate food products that deliver bioactive moieties, extra-nutritional values and promote health and wellness. Recently, a Peruvian native plant named Maca (Lepidiuim Meyenii), has attracted attention owing to folkloric use and rising body of scientific evidence demonstrating some of its biological benefits. This study focuses on enhancing the consumption of Maca through its potential incorporation into food emulsions based on systematic scientific evidence. Adopting advanced analytics (e.g. ICP, CHNS analysis, analytical centrifugation, confocal microscopy and LC-MS/MS proteomics), the presentation will focus on the fabrication and characterization of maca-based fractions, explore their functionality and emulsifying properties as well as the digestive performance of corresponding emulsions.