Faculty in the media

Media publications

Publications relating to research in the Faculty published in the Israeli and international media:


January 2018:

A new research changes The way of thinking about iron is transported in the body (hayadan, in Hebrew)

February 2018:

Release of drugs in an accurate place in the body by light without invasive intervention (hayadan, in Hebrew)

March 2018:

The mechanism of iron dispersion in the body (An interview in Hebrew with Assistant Professor Esther Miron-Holtz, Head of the Molecular Nutrition Laboratory)

April 2018:

May 2018:

An article about Interesting AgriFood Tech in Israel companies mentioning “BactuSense”‘, Headed by Prof. Esti Segal (Agfundernews)

July 2018:

An Exposure article about the faculty in the first addition of “foodtech” magazine (page 6). The content requires the Adobe Flash Player. (in Hebrew)

August 2018:

A radio interview with Assistant Professor Boaz Mizrahi about curing fungal infections using a soil-dwelling bacteria (kan tarbut, in Hebrew)

September 2018:

November 2018:

Tech Women 11/18 – Prof. Marcelle Machluf (in hebrew):