Lab of Biopolymers for Food and Health

Prof. Yoav D. Livney

Our group aims at improving human health both by preventive nutrition and by diagnostic/curative biomedicine.

Our research focusses on biopolymers, their extraction, properties, and applications in food and nanomedicine.

Fundamentally we study biopolymer interactions with low molecular weight compounds in aqueous solutions.

Our studies encompass the whole range from basic physical chemistry, through in-vitro cell cultures and in-vivo animal studies, to human clinical trials.

Food & Dietary supplement applications include:

Extracting proteins and polysaccharides from new & renewable raw materials, like algae

Encapsulation of nutraceuticals for enrichment of foods & beverages

Maximizing bioavailability of antioxidants in food & dietary supplements

Targeted prebiotic particles for supporting probiotics in the gut microbiome

Enhancing protein stability by manipulating water structure

Nanomedicine applications include:

Anticancer drug delivery systems for diagnostics & treatment

Antioxidant delivery for prevention of radiation damages

Novel insulin delivery systems

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