Boaz Mizrahi

Associate Professor
Work Telephone: 972-4-8295645
Office: 3-327

Biomaterials science is the next frontier in biotechnology and in medical therapeutics. Innovations in material design have created interventions and composite devices previously unimaginable with materials whose structure and function evolve with time. Our lab develops a research program in the area of dynamic, functional bio-inspired materials. Research involves the synthesis and characterization of functional polymers with medical applications. This is naturally proceeding to an effort to the development of novel biotechnological innovations based on these materials. We also attempt to gain a critical level of understanding of structure-activity relationship and tissue-biomaterial interactions in the general context of materials science. Current research includes the synthesis of injectable and of stimuli responsive materials, delivery of nutritious for treating gastro and mucosal disorders, self-assembly of polymeric systems and nano-scale particulate systems.

Biologically inspired materials for reparative medicine, for improved bioavailability of drugs and food additives and for separation processes. Relationships between the molecular structure and functionality.