The Epigenetic Editing Research Lab

Asst. Prof. Yitzhak (Tzachi) Reizel 

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The Epigenetic Editing Research Lab 

Our primary goal is to develop epigenetic editing approaches to affect cell identity in the context of cellular differentiation, cancer, and aging. 

Much like genetic editing, epigenetic editing aims to modify epigenetic patterns to activate or repress gene expression. The advantage of epigenetic editing over genetic editing is that it does not change the actual DNA sequence, thus circumventing the risk of creating new genetic aberrations.

Our primary epigenetic mechanism is DNA methylation, a covalent modification of the DNA itself associated with gene repression. We utilize DNA methylation editing to improve the quality of produced cells for cell therapy and better understand the role of epigenetics in tumor development and aggressiveness. We also examine if epigenetic editing could be utilized to reverse aging.