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Important Information

Important Information

21 Sep 2023
We are excited to invite you to our annual conference of the World Food Day! This years’ event is also more info
17 Aug 2023
We are grateful for our guests in the EIT Food Accelerator Network cohort, learning together, first hand, of the food more info
16 Aug 2023
Each year we mention World Food Day with leading companies in the food industry, fascinating lecturers, graduates, and of course- more info
14 Aug 2023
Congratulations to a lab manager of ours- Dr. Sarah Goldberg, who was chosen by the Technion institution as one of more info
06 Aug 2023
Our faculty hosted on the 25.7.23 researchers meeting on alternative proteins. Even all the refreshments were vegan! Prof. Yoav Livney: more info
25 Jul 2023
Congratulations to our students for winning the Litan excellence in research award 2023, we are proud of you! more info
24 Jul 2023
This month’s Foodtech magazine by TheMarker TechNation Labels includes two most interesting articles on work done in our faculty: In p. 5- more info
16 Jul 2023
Congratulations to Assistant Professor Omer Yehezkeli for winning the award for excellence in research in memory of Daniel Shiran (RIP) 2023. Assistant more info
12 Jul 2023
Congratulations to our winners at the Excellent teaching assistant award for 2023! Ayelet Hershkovits, Inbal Rush, Neta Shimony, Daniel Golodnizky, Nofar Yehuda! We deeply more info
12 Jul 2023
Our dear undergraduates, congratulations on this amazing achievement, and best wishes for your future endeavors!   more info
12 Jul 2023
Our dear magisters, congratulations on this amazing achievement, and best wishes for your future endeavors!      more info
27 Nov 2017
The collaboration between the laboratory of Prof. Marcelle Machluf  of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering and Prof. Eyal Zussman more info
20 Nov 2017
The Technion team won a gold medal at the International iGEM Competition for Synthetic Biology in the US. This is more info
27 Jan 2017
 The European Union (EU) has awarded the international NanoPack consortium €7.7 million to develop and demonstrate a solution for extending more info
16 Feb 2016
Prof. Segal heads a multidisciplinary research team investigating the interface between materials science and biotechnology. more info
16 Feb 2016
How does the iron dispersion mechanism work in tissues? And how is it affected in disease? more info
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