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The functionality of diacylglycerol in different lipid systems

The functionality of diacylglycerol in different lipid systems

The functionality of diacylglycerol in different lipid systems
Room 100
Karin Wagner/ Assist. Prof. Maya Davidovich-Pinhas

Diacylglycerols (DAGs) are a derivative oftriacylglycerols, comprising two fatty acids esterified to a glycerol backboneand are naturally produced from fats and oils. DAG’s ability to crystallizeallows it to be used as a structuring agent in oleogels, which are oil-basedgel-like systems. Moreover, the amphiphilic nature of DAG molecules providesemulsifying properties, making it a commonly used emulsifier in variousindustries. By harnessing both functionalities, DAGs can be employed in a broadrange of applications in the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical sectors.

The current research aimed to explore DAGsunique multifunctional properties using distearin (DS) in both uni- andbiphasic lipid systems. Initially, the crystallization of DS in oil and itspotential oil structuring ability were examined at different levels. DSdemonstrated effective oil structuring, forming thermo-reversible gels withconcentration-dependent hardness and elastic behavior. Subsequently, thecrystallization and stabilization of DS in a biphasic gel system were exploredby introducing an aqueous phase to the DS-based oleogels. In this system, DSacted as a surface-active agent, resulting in emulsion gels with increasedhardness and improved thermal properties compared to DS-based oleogels.Additionally, the incorporation of prebiotic fibers to the water phase wasexamined where DS-based emulsion gels were found to be a compatible matrix toincorporate short-chain dietary fibers, while maintaining similar mechanicalbehavior over a wide range of fiber content. Overall, DS has great potentialfor utilization in various lipid systems, offering a promising platform for thedevelopment of healthier and functional food products.

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