Nature Inspired biomaterials for enhancing quality and safety of food systems

Prof. Nitin Nitin; Dept. of Food Science and Technology, UC Davis

The presentation will focus on the overall theme of developing nature inspired approaches to improve quality and safety of food. The presentation will illustrate an example of using nature inspired bio-based encapsulation matrixes for enhancing stability of bioactive compounds during processing and storage. The bio-based encapsulation approach will highlight the role of cellular properties such as cell wall and intracellular antioxidants in improving stability of the selected bioactive compounds. The presentation will also discuss discovery of novel antimicrobials and their delivery for improving safety and processing of fresh produce.   In this area, the presentation will provide an overview of targeted delivery of antimicrobials and plant derived bioactives that can be synergistically activated using light or mild non-thermal processing to inactivate pathogenic and spoilage microbes in food systems. Overall, the presentation will illustrate the role of natural materials in improving the food quality and safety.